Competition theme 競賽主題

In 2013, SHUTER Enterprise Co., Ltd has been established for 45 years. To rapidly develop the plan of company expansion, keep the corporate culture for the environmental care and sustainability, SHUTER set up “SHUTER Green DreamWorks International Architecture Design Competition (SGD International Competition)” on November 1st, 2013, and this competition provides an opportunity and stage for outstanding architects who have architectural aesthetics and environmental consciousness to bring their talents into full play.

2013年為樹德企業成立第45週年,為了因應企業快速成長之擴廠計畫以及秉持關懷環境和與永續環保的企業文化,因此由樹德企業主辦的 SHUTER Green DreamWorks 綠色夢工廠國際建築設計競圖(簡稱 SGD International Competition)於2013年11月1日正式啟動,提供具備建築美學、綠色永續意識的建築設計師們一展身手的機會。

The theme of the competition is 「Green DreamWorks」,the architects and students who are qualified for professional architectural design are welcome. For this competition, we hope architects can create an excellent presentation on how to balance the manufacture ﹆green environment﹆sustainability and aesthetics SHUTER expects to convey an idea that factory and beautiful earth are interdependent, and inject the aesthetic and humanities into factory to make Green DreamWorks come true.

本次競賽以「Green DreamWorks」為主題,參賽對象為具有建築相關專業的國內外學生與執業設計師,本競賽將引發設計師挑戰生產製造、綠色永續與人文美學三者之間如何平衡融合的創意,透過建築設計師的高度創意規劃令人驚艷且永續環保的綠色工廠。樹德企業期許能透過SGD國際創意設計競賽傳遞生產製造工廠也能夠與美麗的大地相依共存,並為生產工廠注入人文美學作為靈魂,打造一個兼具永續環保與美學文化的綠色夢工廠。

The jury of SGD International Competition is made up of four famous architects who are invited by general manager Mr. Yira Wu to act as judges. At the finals, we will vote in Gold, Silver, Copper Awards each one and two excellent works. SHUTER will award the total prize up to US$20,000.00.The winning works will also be introduced on SHUTER’s media news.

SGD International Competition 評審團由首席評審樹德企業 吳宜叡總經理邀請四位國內外知名建築師擔任評審,預計選出金、銀、銅賞各1名、優選2名共5件優秀作品,提供高達USD$ 20,000.00的總獎金,作品也將會在樹德企業相關媒體訊息中進行介紹。

SHUTER always believes that design, either on the products or on buildings can bring a better environment and life to the world and humans. We are not only devoted to reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, but also create the value to contribute the earth and society. Green DreamWorks is not a short-term competition or a slogan; it is a business concept and milestone for SHUTER’s sustainable development. Therefore, we sincerely invite all outstanding architects and architect teams to show the creativity and green aesthetics and hope you can join us to build up the “Sustainable”, “Eco-friendly”, “Aesthetics” and “Humanities” Green DreamWorks.


※ Winners will have the opportunity to undertake SHUTER corporate “Green Sustainability factory” building project. The total budget of this building project is approximately U.S. $ 50,000,000.00

※ 獲獎設計師/事務所將有機會優先承接總工程款約 USD$ 50,000,000.00 之樹德企業綠色永續工廠建案。