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SHUTER International Architectural Design Competition
Judging Result of Final Decision : 2014/07/24

First Prize(Gold) 金獎
without a first prize winner
Second Prize(Silver) 銀獎
Participating Team/ Architect: NAAD (SGD 0010414)
Nationality : Japan
參賽團隊/建築師: NAAD 國籍: 日本

Third Prize(bronze) 銅獎
Participating Team/ Architect: Williamson Architects Pty Ltd. (SGD 0010415)
Nationality : Australia
參賽團隊/建築師: Williamson Architects 國籍: 澳洲

Honorable Mention 優選
Participating Team/ Architect: KEYWOW ARCHITECTURE (SGD 0010433) ARCHITECTURE
Nationality : Taiwan
參賽團隊/建築師: 開務聯合建築師事務所 國籍: 台灣

Honorable Mention 優選
Participating Team/ Architect: Koji KAWABATA (SGD 0010276)
Nationality : Japan
參賽團隊/建築師: Koji KAWABATA 國籍: 日本

Honorable Mention 優選
Participating Team/ Architect: 林鋒 (SGD 0010331)
Nationality : China
參賽團隊/建築師: 林鋒 國籍: 中國

2014/07/22 重要公告Important announcement:

2014/07/14 Important announcement:
SHUTER International Architectural Design Competition初選入圍名單
Judging Result of Primary Selection : 2014/07/14

Participating Team/ Architect: Williamson Architects Pty Ltd. (SGD 0010415)
Nationality : Australia
參賽團隊/建築師: Williamson Architects 國籍: 澳洲

Participating Team/ Architect: JUSTARCHI ARCHITECTS (SGD 0010412)
Nationality : Taiwan

Participating Team/ Architect: KEYWOW ARCHITECTURE (SGD 0010433)
Nationality : Taiwan
參賽團隊/建築師: 開務聯合建築師事務所 國籍: 台灣

Participating Team/ Architect: 陳威甫建築師事務所 (SGD 0010322)
Nationality : Taiwan
參賽團隊/建築師: 陳威甫建築師事務所 國籍: 台灣

Participating Team/ Architect: NAAD (SGD 0010414)
Nationality : Japan
參賽團隊/建築師: NAAD 國籍: 日本

Participating Team/ Architect: 林鋒 (SGD 0010331)
Nationality : China
參賽團隊/建築師: 林鋒 國籍: 中國

Participating Team/ Architect: Koji KAWABATA (SGD 0010276)
Nationality : Japan
參賽團隊/建築師: Koji KAWABATA 國籍: 日本

Participating Team/ Architect: 陳明城 (SGD 0010396)
Nationality : Taiwan
參賽團隊/建築師: 陳明城 國籍: 台灣
2014/07/01 Important announcement:
Thanks for all of participate architects and teams.
The registration and works submit has closed at 23:59 6/30.
Organizers will collect all of the works and provide to jury to primary selection,
Primary results will be announcement at 7/14 on the official website.
Wish all of the participating architects and your team have good results.
本競圖收件與報名已於6/30 23:59 截止。
主辦單位將彙整所有參賽作品提供評審團進行初選,初選結果將於7/14 公告. 預祝所有參賽建築師與團隊順利入圍。
SGD International Architectural Design Competition
Submission deadline notifications 收件截止通知
Dear Participating teams 敬愛的 參賽團隊 您好,
Remind you this competition deadline of submit date Jun/30/2014 will approach. Please completion the works as soon as possible and upload it before deadline. The submit items as below:
1. Main Design Drawings Panel 12 pages. (at least 8 pages)
主要設計裱板 12張(至少8張):
  A. Please focus to explain the design concept, creativity, and hope that through this design show the dream and vision.
  B. A2 dimension (420mm X 594mm; Resolution ration: 200 dpi); principally in 12 pages. All the diagrammatic description works should be stored by output available PDF files to facilitate the production of mounted version for review selection by the hosted unit.
A2 尺寸(420mm X 594mm 解析度200 dpi )以 8-12 張為原則,內容以英文編排,全部圖說作品須以可輸出之PDF檔製作,以利主辦單位在決選階段之評選裱板輸出
  C. Drawings include / 圖面內容包括:
    (a) Concept / 設計概念
    (b) Design Methods / 設計手法
    (c) Allocation diagram of whole region / 全區配置圖
    (d) Description Drawing / 說明視圖:
      .Major 2D/3D/Profiles of Drawings
      .Partial 2D/3D/Profiles of drawings for important space
    (e) Floor description / 樓層說明
2. Introduction of team composition (the content pages of this section are not limited.) 團隊介紹
  Principally based on transverse form in A3 dimension (297mm X 420mm or 11"X17 "; Resolution ratio in 200 dpi), make the contents of item 3-A in English. The output document printing can be set by left combined bookbinding into a volume of works and upload it in way of PDF file.
A3 尺寸(297mm X 420mm 或 11"X17 "解析度200 dpi )橫式製作,內容以英文編排,文件設定輸出時可由左邊合併裝訂成冊,頁數不限。
3. 【Optional】 / 【選項】
  Design proposition of films or animation pictures (AVI or MPEG4 formats, less than 1 min)
情境動畫或影片 (AVI 或 MPEG4 格式, 1min以內)
Therefore, design teams will have more time to complete the works. However, the completed works can be improved and re-uploaded during this period.
以上調整希望提供所有設計團隊更充裕時間來完成作品, 已進行提交作品之團隊亦可在此期間進行調整作品再重新上傳。
In addition, SHUTER made the important decision after evaluating the development of new headquarters and factory. The budget of this construction program will be increased to US$ 80 million. We hope that SHUTER Green DreamWorks will become famous and excellent architectural works by the international designers.
此外, 樹德企業重新評估新企業總部與生產工廠興建計畫後做出重要決定:本建案預算將提高至8000萬美元, 期望透過優秀建築師之設計使樹德綠色夢工廠成為國際高水準之知名建築設計作品。
Welcome you and your team to present your outstanding works at this stage and wish you to win the first prize.
      Best regards,
      SGD International Architectural Design Competition Team
SGD國際競圖小組 謹上
2014/05/27 Important announcement:
.Registration & Submit:Nov. 1st 2013 ~ Jun. 30.2014
.Accreditation:July. 2014
.Achievements Announcement & Awarding Press:August .2014
※Detail please see the Design Brief.
.報名繳件:Nov. 1st 2013 ~ Jun. 30.2014
.評選:July. 2014
.成果發表暨記者會:August .2014
※詳細日程請詳見設計主題說明Design Brief
2014/05/19 重要公告:
SHUTER 綠色夢工廠國際建築設計競圖 公開聲明

Important announcement:
Statement of SHUTER Green DreamWorks International Architectural Design Competition
2014/05/19 Important announcement:
Thanks for comment from all participant.
SHUTER's deeply apologized that influence on extend deadline of Green DreamWorks competition to whom already submitted their work piece to the organizer .
We will make further explanation for those opinion from global architectural design teams as soon .
有關本競圖展延收件期限事宜造成競賽團隊與已繳件建築師的疑慮, 主辦單位深感抱歉。
針對各位建築師提供的寶貴建議, 主辦單位將會盡速做出相關說明。

SHUTER Green DreamWorks International Architecture Design Competition Organizers very honored to invite Friso van der Steen (The international projects manager at Mecanoo) , and Managing Director Yira Wu (SHUTER Enterprise Co Ltd.) join jury. Jury
SHUTER綠色夢工廠國際建築設計競圖主辦單位榮幸邀請荷蘭mecanoo 國際建築師事務所 國際項目經理 Friso van der Steen 與樹德企業 總經理 加入評審團. 評審委員

Friso van der Steen/福瑞索 凡德斯汀
Education學歷/ Professional經歷:
International projects manager at Mecanoo architecten bv / 荷蘭 麥肯諾建築師事務所 國際項目經理 Haarlem HTS建築設計建築工程畢業.
International projects and project director for the Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Performing Arts in Kaohsiung.
Has been involved in international project in Taiwan, Korea, China, U.S.A, Spain, France, Germany, Morocco, Nigeria and Mauritius.( Since 2005-now)
2005年起負責台灣,韓國,中國,美國,西班牙,法國,德國,摩洛哥,奈及利亞和摩里西斯等國家之國際建築項目 ( Since 2005-now)
Architectural engineer at the HTS Building Design in Haarlem graduated. (1998)
Yira Wu/吳宜叡
Education學歷/ Professional經歷:
SHUTER Enterprise Co., Ltd Managing Director / 樹德企業股份有限公司 總經理
University of the arts London / Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design , Master / 英國倫敦藝術大學中央聖馬丁設計學院 碩士
The 36th Selection of Model Taiwan and Overseas Entrepreneurs
The 6th 100 MVP Manager
第六屆100 MVP經理人-SUPER MVP
EPIF 2014 International Green Classics Awards
2013 iF Award
2013 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award
The 21th National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises Award (SME Award)

The submission deadline is nearing,Please pay attention on the works format as below:
作品提交期限將屆,為了避免資料提供出現認知差異與避免資料製作形式有誤, 提供作品提交資料補充說明如下:

Item3 A-C Format : A3 SIZE (horizontal style as shown)
以下繳交內容項目以橫式A3(420mm X 297mm)製作(如圖示Item3 A-C Format Description):
  .Basic Info (Item 3-A)/基本資料(第3點A項)
.Description of Design Proposition (Item 3-B)/設計構想說明(第3點B項)
.Introduction of team composition (Item 3-C)/團隊組成簡介(第3點C項)
Main Design Drawings: A2 SIZE (vertical style as shown)
以下繳交內容項目以直式A2(420mm X 594mm)製作(如圖示Main Design Drawings):
  .Main Design Drawings (Item 4-A)/主要設計圖面(第4點A項)
2014/04/07 Important Notice:
Please use portrait orientation to make the drawings of A2 panels (Main Design Drawings).
主要設計圖面 (Main Design Drawings)的A2裱板PDF檔案, 請以縱向方式製作.
2014/03/07 更新空間需求表作為設計參考, 請重新下載設計主題說明Design Brief(Chinese)並詳見 P.27
Update the “Table of space requiring area for administration center and production factory”.Please download the Design Brief(English) again, and find the detail in page 24.
2014/02/27 提供現有廠房資料作為參考:
長: 88 M 寬: 30m 高:10 M (天車高度 6 M)
Provide the current manufacture factory data for reference:
W:30 M , D: 88 M , H:10 M (Crane height: 6 M)
There are two manufacture/assembly line were organized in two building of this kind building .(These two buildings are not include warehouse.)
2014/02/19 綠色夢工廠國際建築設計競圖 評審委員 公布
International Green DreamWorks Architecture Design Competition Jury publication.
(Listed in alphabetical order by surname 依英文姓氏字母順序排列)

.Sou Fujimoto藤本壯介(Japan )
.Tsung-Che Hsieh謝宗哲 (Taiwan)
.Shwu-Ting Lee黎淑婷(Taiwan)
.Ching-Yue Roan阮慶岳(Taiwan)
.Enta Yung楊恩達(Taiwan)
2014/02/18 樹德企業「綠色夢工廠國際建築設計競圖」廣獲國內建築設計系所作為設計專案主題.朝陽科技大學建築系 樹德綠色夢工廠設計專題介紹影片。

The architectural department of universities in TAIWAN use 「Green DreamWorks International Architecture Design Competition」 as a design project.The project vedio link: Department of architectural / Chaoyang University of Technology.

2014/01/27 2014.01.30~02.04 適逢農曆新年假期,線上諮詢於假期間暫停服務.相關問題將於02.05開始回覆. 祝福大家新年快樂~
Cause of Jan.30th ~ Feb.4th 2014 is Chinese New Year holiday, online consultation will suspend service. The questions during this period will start to reply from Feb. 5th.Wish everyone happy Chinese New Year.
2014/01/27 SGD國際建築設計競圖顧問 準建築人手札網站創辦人/牧易建築師事務所 楊恩達設計總監
SGD International Architecture Design Competition consultant “mmuuii architects director Enta Yang” (right side).

樹德企業吳宜叡總經理頒發顧問聘書給準建築人手札網站/牧易建築師事務所 楊恩達總監擔任SGD國際建築設計競圖顧問。
The SHUTER Enterprise Co., Ltd general manager Yira Wu issued the consultant certificate to mmuuii architects director Enta Yang. Invited him to assume the office of consultant of SGD International Architecture Design Competition.
2014/01/27 修正競圖網頁競賽辦法(中文版)內容如下:
第4項輸出附件:A.主要設計圖面(A)A1 尺寸(594mm X 840mm 解析度200 dpi ), 修正為A2(420 mm X 594 mm 解析度200 dpi ) 上述內容以同步於作品提交規範中修改, 請重新下載檔案。
Correct the competition web site object page:
Item 1 (Drawings Dimensions): make the contents of item 3-A compiling via the bilingual ways of Chinese and English.→ make the contents of item 3-A compiling in English.
Item 4 (Chinese viorsion) : A1(594mm X 840mm ration: 200 dpi) → Correct to: A2(594mm X 840mm ration: 200 dpi).
These 2 items in the Works Submit Specification have corrected synchronous. Please download the data again.
2014/01/08 綠色夢工廠國際建築設計競圖Facebook 已上線,相關競圖訊息也會同步於Facebook發布, 同時也會分享許多建築設計資訊,歡迎前往分享任何環保和建築設計訊息.請搜尋 “SGD”。
SGD International Architectural Design Competition Facebook has been on line. The competition informations will be synchronized to Facebook released, and it also share many architectural informations, welcom to share any thing about environment issues or architectural/green design. Pleae search “SGD”
2014/01/08 重要注意事項:
經主辦單位審慎評估後, 樹德企業決定延後報名與收件時間至2014/04/30 23:59:59.
Important Attention:
Cause of many architects and participants to reflect the competition deadline overly hasty,and the organizer late to provided site drawing download link.
It affects the architects and participating teams not have enough time to complete the design and works.
Therefore, after careful assessment of the organizers,
SHUTER Enterprise Co Ltd. decided to postpone the receipt Submission and registration deadline to 23:59:59 Apr. 30th 2014
Hope can provide the architects and participating teams more time to complete the best design and works.
2014/01/08 基地及高程圖檔案更新
Update the Site Area and Elevation drawing(.dwg)
2013/12/31 基地及高程圖提供下載
Site Area and Elevation Download.
2013/12/25 Design Brief 內容之空間需求面積表為初步規劃僅做為參考可斟酌調整,設計請以建蔽率70%,容積率210%作為依據。
The table of space requiring area in the Design Brief is preliminary planning for reference, design please base on building Site ratio(70%) and Floor ratio(210%).
2013/12/23 SDG國際競圖作品提交規範公佈
SDG International Competition Works Submit Specification release.
2013/12/23 「文件下載」設計主題說明Design Brief (中文)更新
「Download」add the Design Brief (English) for competitors download.
2013/12/23 國際競圖繳交資料規則 Works Submitting Content and Regulations (Chinese & English) 內容補充
2013/12/05 「文件下載」新增 1.綠建築指標Guidelines for the green building indicators(Chinese & English) 2.國際競圖繳交資料規則(中文)
2013/12/05 「競賽辦法」內容補充!
2013/11/18 「作品提交」頁面完成上線!
2013/11/18 「作品提交」建構與test中,敬請期待!
2013/11/01 「作品提交」、「線上報名」、「線上諮詢」建構與test中,敬請期待!
2013/11/01 「SHUTER Green DreamWorks 綠色夢工廠國際創意設計競賽」正式展開!
2013/11/06 樹德企業「綠色永續工廠」建築案,承接總預算提高至5000萬美金!